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Shore Excursions

Proudly, our experience goes back to 1978 when we handled the first Cruise Ship that called to Costa Rica. It was a special event because, since that moment, we believed that this industry had a lot to contribute to the growth of the coastal areas of Costa Rica.
With great creativity and tons of enthusiasm, we started to offer the first shore excursions to cruise passengers, making us pioneers in this field.

Today, planning the cruise season calls involves detailed step-by-step logistics, which are developed many years in advance to guarantee a successful operation.

Our services cover all the ports from both coast lines: Puerto Limon and Moin in the Caribbean and more options at the Pacific Coast: Cuajiniquil, Papagayo, Panama Beach, Coco Beach, Flamingo Beach, Curu, Puntarenas City, Caldera, Herradura Beach, Quepos, Drake Bay, Puerto Jimenez, and Golfito.

Swiss Travel has successfully operated a wide variety of cruise lines, from the most exclusive, luxury, and expeditionary ships to the most recognized commercial lines that impress locals with their impressive size.

An operation of this magnitude entails a great responsibility to select the best-certified guides and the best tourist transportation, allowing cruise passengers to enjoy Costa Rica’s attractions to the fullest, despite the short period they will spend in the country.

The catalog of shore excursions has been designed to offer a complete range of activities, half or full-day tours, focused on Wildlife Encounters, Culture Experiences, Rainforest Expeditions, Sustainable Experiences and Soft Adventures. Each excursion is planned to follow a smooth itinerary to meet the embarkation and disembarkation schedules set by the cruise lines.

Also, we can arrange a pre-tour before boarding the cruise or a post-tour for those who wish to continue discovering the natural beauties of Costa Rica.

The overland are perfect for cruise passengers who wish to visit some of the outstanding attractions in the interior of the country, connecting with the next port of call.

Additionally, we are experts executing more complex operations such as Cruise-Base that involve more challenging logistics to mobilize cruise passengers to connect with international flights.

Regardless of the operation you wish to develop, Swiss Travel is a strategic partner that not only provides excellent services, but we are always prepared to anticipate any unforeseen event that may arise in the daily operation and to provide you with the best possible service, committed in the preservation of the natural resources and the support the local communities.