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Travel becomes as individual as each one of us. That is why at Swiss Travel we have created what it takes to serve your needs the most personalized way. Costa Rica is a world-class destination, and it takes a professional local agent to understand your very own needs. After 50 years of experience we are proud to confidently extend our hand and work together, consider you specific requirements and for the development of your very own experience.

To offer the most personalized service, we have at your disposal the following specialized units, each of them, integrated with our travel specialists who are bilingual in Spanish and English. Some of them also speak German.

Each of them has been trained to provide a service based on high standards, effective time responses, and to bring detailed proposals with the most accurate information in terms of logistics destinations, lodging options, and activities.

Once the travelers are in the country, there are constant follow-ups to check that everything on the itinerary is exceeding their expectations or even to assist them with additional information on the destination, support them with last minute changes, and most of the time to hear that they are having a Pura Vida time in Costa Rica.

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Colours of Costa Rica - Brilliant from start to finish. Our tour guide Carlos could not do enough for us, his enthusiasm and kindness really made the tour special. Every day was planned to include as much as possible without feeling rushed or that you were missing out on anything. We saw so much wildlife and beautiful scenery it was truly the trip of a. Lifetime. We saw sloths, monkeys, crocodiles, lizards, toucans, experienced the culture, tasted the delicious food and met so many wonderful people. I would definitely recommend this holiday. Pura vida! Wendy Wu Tours
Wanted to send a quick note to say thank you for all the efforts to create some great experiences for our guests while visiting Costa Rica! Everyone had a wonderful time and experience. Jose Brenes, we appreciate your efforts to lead the charge and the rest of the team that helped with the coordination. I also wanted to call out all of the guides that joined us on the buses, they were wonderful! Thanks again for the efforts for our group, we appreciate it! Laura Steele
Hi Diego! So wonderful meeting you on our adventure to Costa Rica. Thanks for your warm hospitality and assistance with so much. We Hope to see you again. Patricia Height
Hola Team, Quiero expresar mi más sincero agradecimiento por la maravillosa colaboración que hemos tenido durante esta temporada. Ha sido un placer trabajar juntos! La dedicación, profesionalismo y atención al detalle que Berny, Steven, A Meshack, Jorge, Fabian, Andrea y todo el equipo de Swiss Travel han demostrado en cada paso del camino han sido excepcionales. Gracias a su apoyo, hemos logrado alcanzar nuestros objetivos y brindar experiencias memorables a nuestros clientes. Espero con ansias seguir trabajando juntos en futuras temporadas, les envío un saludo especial. Una vez más, agradezco enormemente todo su arduo trabajo y compromiso. Estoy muy agradecida y espero con entusiasmo volver a verlos. Bianca Giacopini
I recently travelled with Craig Travel (from Toronto, Ontario) to Costa Rica. I had the best vacation ever in my life - which is a longer one than I care to admit to!! What made this trip truy spectacular was your guide - Ronny. He was pleasant, funny, organized, knowledgeable and just down right fabulous. I am sure the trip would have been great with someone else but it would not have been nearly as great as it was with him in charge. I wanted to make sure that you knew how much he was appreciated. Please pass this on to the powers that be and also to Ronny. I worked as a tour guide for a number of years. It is not an easy job and is often not appreciated as much as it should be. Ronny was appreciated to the nth degree. Just in case you have more than one Ronny - here we are on the last day of the tour before I headed off on my own to visit family in Mal Pais. Annie Belanger
Hola Isabel, quiero decirles que gracias por todo! El guía Alex, y los conductores fueron excelentes. Estoy muy muy satisfecha con los servicios de Swiss Travel, otra vez! Nunca usaré otra compañía en Costa Rica. Jessie Morgan
The BEST advice I can give is to book through Swiss Tours. They are the preferred agent for the Westin property. We booked the mega Combo tour and the Rio Celeste waterfall hike both as private excursions. We had a beautiful air-conditioned van for both excursions just to our group a party of eight and were able to go at our own speed and change it up to what worked best for us. The price was not much more for the private tour and well worth it. We were lucky enough to get Abel as our guide for our first excursion, and immediately asked for him to lead us on our second excursion. He was a wealth of knowledge about Costa Rica. The plants, the people, the animals and the history of the country, making it a fully immersive trip. he seem to personally know many people at all the places we went so we felt like we were getting extra special treatment. He acted as our tour guide resource person, photographer and waiter all in one. He made us feel like family! Beth Berry
I wanted to personally thank you for your leadership, thoughtful planning, superb organization and flexibility on the Craig Travel trip in Costa Rica. Carolyn Sixt