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Welcome to Costa Rica!

Costa Rica is located in Central America, an isthmus that creates a biological corridor for an amazing array of vegetation and wildlife between the North and South American lands. Although the small size of the country with only 51,100 square kilometers or 19,700 square miles, Costa Rica is home to a variety of landscapes from lush Jungles and mystical Cloud Forests to Active Volcanoes and paradisiacal sun-drenched beaches that caress the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. Costa Rica is a democratic and peaceful country that since 1948, has decided to abolish its army and invest those resources in the infrastructure of schools, colleges and to strengthen its health system. Tourism has played a significant role being one of the country’s principal economic drivers. Here, visitors enjoy the wonders of nature, grand adventures, a scintillating culture, and relaxing and peaceful destinations – all the necessary components of an ideal getaway.

No wonder thousands have made Costa Rica their top travel choice! The vast majority of tourist destinations are close to one population center, where friendly people are always ready to welcome you with a smile and a Pura Vida greeting. In addition, visitors will be able to find public schools, clinics or hospitals, and national police stations, as well as banks, to exchange USD $ or EUR €, Cash Machines, stores, supermarkets, and restaurants, which can be visited quietly. The next step is to become Costa Rica, one of the firsts carbon-neutral countries by eradicating the use of fossil fuels, using only renewable energies, and with this, contributing to mitigating the effects of climate change.