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Our company has a sustainable management system, through which we prevent and mitigate risks and impacts in environmental, social and economic areas, by applying actions to guarantee quality, innovation, safety and protection of our stakeholders, the environment and the continuity of company.

This policy is mandatory and is known by all staff, as the process of incorporation to procedures of each area, sustainability report and others. In addition, it is shared with our clients through official communication channels of the company.

The policy is reviewed once a year by the Tourism Sustainability Management for its continuous adaptation to the changing environment of the company.

In case of changes, we proceed to notify the Presidency and General Direction for its review, approval and subsequent disclosure to staff.



Our solid Sustainability Management supports us to emphasize the service that we provide to continuously improve customer satisfaction, while we comply with applicable legislation and prevent negative environmental and social impacts with social responsibility, contributing to the communities where we operate; thus achieving the economic success of our company.




Code of Conduct / The CODE

Ethic travel is inherent in the heart of Swiss Travel, not only to protect our planet, but also to protect vulnerable populations.

We strictly follow all the guidelines of Costa Rica’s government Code of Conduct and the international standards of The CODE. Both programs set practices to prevent and fight sexual exploitation of minors, applying these practices in our service policies.

Essential Costa Rica

Swiss Travel is Costa Rica Essential, which is a recognition that certifies our excellence, efforts in sustainability, social progress, innovation and our Costa Rican origins and idiosyncrasies.

National Chamber of Ecotourism and Sustainable Tourism (CANAECO)

CANAECO is a private non-profit that promotes and certifies sustainability in Costa Rica’s Tourism Sector.

Alianza Empresarial para el Desarrollo (AED)

Business Alliance for Development (AED, in Spanish) is a non-profit that promotes better business practices among its members, such as sustainability principles, maximizing positive social, environmental and economic impact.


– Certification for Sustainable Tourism (CST)

Swiss Travel achieved the Elite certification, the highest level of CST, by complying with regulations and policies to ensure a clean and sustainable operation, recognized by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council.

– Blue Flag Program

This program of Costa Rica’s government awards blue flags to organizations and individuals who show their commitment with sustainability and environmental protection, through concrete actions.

Swiss Travel has two: the 6-Star, 1-Green Star Climate Change Blue Flag, and the 5-Star Biodiversity Blue Flag, each in the highest certification level possible.

– Central American Quality and Sustainability System

This is a certification system dedicated to ensuring the quality of tourism services provided by micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises in various sectors including accommodation, restaurants, tour operators, transportation companies, and vehicle rental services throughout Central America.

Carbon Neutrality Plus

In 2017 we set ourselves a goal to obtain Carbon Neutrality in all our locations, achieving this in 2018. In 2019 we obtained the Carbon Neutrality Plus, the highest level. To reach this level, the company managed to reduce its carbon footprint by 5.65%. This certification is accredited by Costa Rica’s Ministry of Environment and Energy, under the ISO 14064-1: 2006, INTE B5-2016, GHG Protocol / IPCC standard.


Swiss Travel reaffirms its commitment to sustainability and gives travelers the chance to generate change. We want you to keep traveling; that is why we invite you to be part of this initiative and return home with Swiss Travel and Neutralflight. We invite you to be part of our actions to reduce emissions by offsetting the carbon emissions of your flights to Costa Rica.

If you would like to compensate, your flight footprint, access the Neutralflight calculator here.


– Be part of the local culture and its traditions with respect.

– Save water by taking short showers and closing the faucet when brushing your teeth.

– Save electricity by turning off lights and appliances when not using them.

– Follow all instructions and recommendations when visiting protected areas

– Whenever possible, buy local, this helps communities and families that you visit.

– Do not buy products made of seashells, feathers, bones or endangered wood species.

– Use environmentally friendly products.

– Do not feed wild animals.

– Deposit garbage in the correct bin.

– If you see or suspect of sexual exploitation of minors, report to our personnel or local authorities.