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Leisure Groups

Group touring allows you to explore some of Costa Rica’s most iconic attractions, skipping the stress of searching for lodgings, activities, and routes and focusing on what is more important: Enjoy the destination!

Swiss Travel offers the right product for the right group, a great selection of options according to the group’s interest:

For senior citizens and retirees, the opportunities of traveling through Costa Rica are undeniable. From cultural experiences, contact with nature, or even soft adventure.

Alumni: high school and university students, taking part in educational programs and learn a language in a different country is a great way to get a different view on life.

Birdwatchers recognized Costa Rica as one of the best destinations to enjoy the avian diversity. The locations of our itineraries are carefully selected to cover most of the habitats: wetlands, jungles, coasts, and highlands.

Photographers: Assure you to pack your luggage with the best Lents and cameras to capture vast landscapes and the endless beauties of Costa Rica. Photography in Costa Rica will be challenging. You will put your skills to the test as climate changes every minute, making you adjust the ISO, shutter speed, or exposure time the get the best photos.

Series Groups and leisure groups allows to plan with many months in advance the best routes, hotels and activities without worrying about sold outs

Women Empowerment tours: Women have a significant role in our society. Throughout history, women have fought for rights equality, which has led them to face a series of obstacles and stereotypes imposed by society. Costa Rica does not escape from this reality, and since the beginning of the 20th century, women have fought to obtain these rights within Costa Rican society.
Along with these programs, the groups will be able to interact with entrepreneur women, heads of family, examples of dedication and strength, who inspire us and give us hope to believe in a society of equality between men and women.

Agronomists: Costa Rica is a precursor country in eco-tourism and agro-tourism. Our programs will introduce you to the Costa Rican rural culture. You will be able to participate in agricultural activities contributing to preserving centuries of traditions and learning about the protection of the environment.

Whether you are experiencing the most brilliant and full of life colours of exuberant gardens, taking a Yoga Class in the middle of the rainforest, getting your adrenaline pumping as you enjoy the adventure activities, you will be in good hands on our Group Experts.