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Who We Are

In early 1970s, Costa Rica focused on strengthening its democracy. The abolition of the army in 1949 allowed the consolidation of its education and health system, and together with the creation of the first national parks, made the country an attractive tourism and commerce option.

Travelers from all over the world were more interested in knowing about a small Central American country that stood out for its nature, democratic peace, and tranquillity lifestyle.

Swiss Travel was born in 1972, under the leadership of exceptional people who saw how intrepid adventurers arrived in Costa Rica and had the limitation of not finding a tour operator that could organize their guided tours as they expected.

As time passed, our business objectives involved impacts on nature and society that could not be ignored. Even those that may seem insignificant. We have implemented sustainable practices in all our operations, this to minimize the effects on nature and the local communities involved in our travel packages.

Travel industry changes faster every day, and Swiss Travel moves forward by investing in technology, developing procedures assuring the safety of our customers, and training our travel experts to guarantee a service that exceeds expectations, all framed under a philosophy of Sustainable Tourism.