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Ethic Tourism

Tourism is an immense source of income for millions around the world, that is why a tourism that respects nature and its people is more authentic and enjoyable, thus, more attractive.


Ethic travel supports and protects local culture, wildlife, resources, and vulnerable populations, with solidarity, and creating sustainable development for all parties involved.

Swiss Travel applies ethics by following strict sustainability guidelines and a holistic approach to our operations that takes our environment, the people around us, and all our impacts into account, to create unique sustainable experiences for our visitors.

Our development programs have supported community initiatives to mitigate climate change, like planting trees in the mountains and rivers near our operations headquarters, which aid in avoiding erosion and possible landslides, and the negative effects of deforestation near water bodies.

We have given workshops to local tour guides, schools, other tourism companies and local communities about protection of our environment and culture, involving them actively in taking actions towards this protection.

Through recycling campaigns, we have been able to support organizations like “Donatapa”, who recycle bottle caps and other plastics to create wheelchair ramps for beaches, allowing anyone to enjoy the fun and benefits of the ocean.

We take pride on our ethics as a main drive in our operations, allowing Swiss Travel to give our travelers ethic, unique, and unforgettable experiences in our green country.

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