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Green Season: a great time to visit Costa Rica!

The beginning of the tourism off-season is the perfect budget-friendly season to explore our country with fewer people around.
The rainy season ranges from May to December, and visitors can have a whole different experience from the dry season in our country.
These are top-5 reasons to visit Costa Rica during its green season:
1- Nature at its peak: the start of the rainy season also marks the mating season for many species. Trees and flowers show their amazing colors, bird songs fill the air, and it’s easier to spot wildlife during your tours in our national reserves and parks. This is a great season for whale watching
2- Easy lodging: the lower amount of tourists can give the opportunity to easily book a last-minute trip to Costa Rica and enjoy many of its vast hotel options.
3- Lower temperatures: During this season, the temperature drops due to the weather and remains warm enough to enjoy comfortably any outdoor activities.
4- The relaxing sound of rain: Mornings are usually sunny and give plenty of time to enjoy early activities. In the afternoon, relax and rest at the sound of the rain.
5- Lower travel rates: flights and lodging prices decrease during the green season, giving travelers great deals to visit our country.