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Fly & Drive Itineraries: Travel independently and freely

Explore and discover the wonders of Costa Rica at your own pace.

Costa Rica’s topography is exceptionally diverse, from lofty mountains and low visibility cloud forest to flat plains and farm fields that will allow you to combine the different attractions in timings ranging from 2 to 5 hours approximately.

Most of the roads in the main tourist destinations are well-paved with two-lane highways, but once you get to rural areas, conditions can change into unpaved roads.

Fly & Drive itineraries provide a different and dynamic alternative because it offers the independence and individuality you had been looking for as you drive a car rental vehicle.

Combine popular destinations with hidden gems set near coffee fields, Bajos del Toro Cloud Forest, Celeste River, Turrialba Valley, Quetzals Valley, and many others.

Driving in Costa Rica in daylight is a great option to make stops along the way, take pictures, and admire the landscapes. However, it is highly recommended to plan the itinerary, calculate the distances and avoid driving at night, especially during long routes.

Most of the hotels, National Parks, private reserves, and adventure parks have their parking lots.

It is important to note that street-side parking is not allowed; it is recommended to park in designated parking lots or areas with an authorized parking meter.

Do not leave valuables and personal belongings visible in the car, and always lock the doors. When leaving your car, take safety measures to prevent robberies at any place throughout the entire trip.

It is not permitted to drive across rivers, the ocean, beaches, mangroves, lakes, or areas where there is no officially traced road and always stay alert if animals are crossing the roads.