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    The latest about our company

    Swiss Travel

    2023 Conventions and Expos for Swiss Travel – update

    We begin this 2023 full throttle by announcing international shows that we will be attending this year. This is an excellent opportunity to meet with…

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    We achieved Gold Level in Safe Companies Award

    This program was created to reduce traffic accidents, which kill over 1.3 million persons yearly. As owners of one of the biggest tourism transport fleets,…

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    Swiss Travel expands its commitment in the protection of Costa Rican youth

    Swiss Travel becomes the first tourism company in Costa Rica to be part of e-Mentores, a program created by Costa Rican government to protect minors…

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    Our efforts to protect nature

    Sustainability News

    For the sixth year in a row, we got the highest level of Blue Flag Climate Change Certificate

    After another year of efforts in conserving the environment, we have once again achieved the highest level in the Blue Flag in Climate Change certificate…

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    Swiss Travel, 1st tourism company to receive Biodiversity Blue Flag certification

    Swiss Travel is the first tourism company to receive the Blue Flag certification with a focus on biodiversity, a new certificate category created in 2021.…

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    Why Costa Rica for your next vacation

    Costa Rica has jumped to the center of the global stage during the past months due to its green practices an economics. For example, Time…

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