Jorge Monge

Jorge Monge has been involved with our company for 12 years. He is known for his enthusiasm and dedication. His vocation is reflected in the satisfaction of visitors who have accompanied him over the country for almost 15 years of career. He has been concerned to maintain that satisfaction as the most important factor.

He is a happy and spontaneous man. His family, Costa Rica and music are his biggest passions. Jorge enjoys to spent time with his wife Verónica and his son Isaac, they are the love of his life. One of his favorite things to do is share a meal with his friends while they play music. He describes himself as person in love with life. His motto is: there are always more and better things to come!


Daniel Monge

Dani comes from a family were all his aunts, cousins and parents are teachers. He is the first one who’s not in education.

He grew up at the countryside. Always surrounded by coffee bushes, potatoes and carrots. He learned about nature with his grandfather. Who always used to say to him “plant trees…so animals have a place to eat and sleep, therefore they won’t attack our crops. “

The nature and getting immerse in the deep forest are his passions. He wants to share his point of view of Costa Rica, traditions and its culture with others. After 15 years of sharing experience in tourism he feels he is a teacher too… but Costa Rica is his subject.

German Rojas

German has been involved with our company for 12 years. But he started at the tourism field seventeen years ago as a guide with transportation, during five years he was doing different types of tours all around the country.

He is specialist in doing long trips with students, photographers, naturalist, botanist, birds watchers, seniors, cruise ships operations and many others. All this work has allowed him to accumulate a vast knowledge that blend in with his friendly and positive personality.

German is known for always being ready to help and create wonderful memories for our guest. His job gives him so much joy that he would not change it for any other. Sharing with the people all his knowledge is the main reason why he decided to be a tour guide. Among the last seventeen years his commitment has been to his passengers. Treating them well and making them feel safe and happy, just like being around family.

Víctor Leitón

To Víctor the most important thing in life is his family. He is very passionate for his job.

He has been involved with tourism for 10 years and with our company for 5 years now. He loves everything about being a tourist guide because he is the one who facilitates the enjoyment to all our customers; showing them the beauties of our country while he explains them every detail they found over Costa Rica. Plus, he is always meeting new people.

He has a diploma in sustainable tourism management and is a certified naturalist guide.



Ricardo Arroyo
Ricardo Arroyo

Majored in Tourism with emphasis in group’s management at Universidad Técnica de Alajuela. He grew up in six different rural areas of Costa Rica where he learned to have a special appreciation for nature and the economical farming activities developed in the country.

Ricardo, who is fluent in English, has lead FITS, incentives, daily tours, cruise ships and escorted series groups among others. He has taken several courses on birds, geography, orchids, volcanology and many others.

His father was a teacher, so he understands the value of teaching to travelers through a combination of aspects in history and nature, as well as interesting facts of Costa Rican’s and its culture. He mixes all these up with and excellent customer service, trying to do enjoyable, fantastic trips for all visitors.



Jorge Avila
Jorge Ávila

He was born in San José but he grew up amid coffee plantations in Heredia. He was a very good coffee picker. Jorge loves spending time with his family and friends, he considers himself a family man. He likes to play soccer and go fishing as part of his spare time. Jorge is a certified naturalist and a general tour guide by the Costa Rica Tourism Board with 20 years of experience in the field. He has worked for Swiss Travel for 17 years. His work has included family programs, student’s programs, seniors’ groups, incentives groups and also mayor cruises lines among others. He has taken several special courses in ornithology, volcanology, natural history, museums, medicinal plants, local cultures and first aid.

Jorge likes to teach everything about Costa Rica, he gets very excited when see wild animals and birds.



Fabián Guzmán
Fabián Guzmán

Fabián grew up at the mountains, in Cartago province surrounded by an exuberant flora and fauna that marked his life in terms of loving nature. When he was 12 years old his family moved to the city looking for better job and education opportunities. Fabián finally graduated from high school and started looking for a career to study in university and after looking for the best one he found Tourism with emphasis in groups guiding. In which he was able to go back in nature with groups and show the ecological richness of his beautiful country.

In university he learned a lot more than just nature, he also learned history, developed people skills, passion for birdwatching and pride for his country, among other things. After he graduated from University he started working for Swiss Travel. He has been involved with our company for 12 years now. Fabián is lucky to have a stable job. He married a wonderful woman who gave him the opportunity to have 2 healthy boys. They are his daily energy & motivation. He is a family man with strong values that believes that God guides his life and he guides the people to create unforgettable life experiences.

César Flores
César Flores

César is getting a Master degree in environmental management and ecotourism at Universidad de Costa Rica. He started in Swiss Travel as a tour guide in 2013. However, he has been involved with our company for more than 9 years.

César, as a biologist, has participated in different projects in the research area. His bachelor thesis was focused in bananas which allowed him to get a vast knowledge about the crop in our country.

He enjoys sharing his knowledge about flora and fauna to every customer he has. In addition, César possess remarkable skills in customer service thanks to his former experience as a service agent in several call centers in Costa Rica.

He is passionate about reading and he has a new hobby which is trail running.