Responsible Tips to become a Sustainable Traveler

Swiss travel is a socially and environmentally responsible company, certificate by the Costa Rican Tourism Board through the Sustainable Tourism Certificate. We would like to invite you through the following tips, to become a responsible traveler while in Costa Rica.

Get involved with Costa Rica’s local culture and its traditions. Learn and respect the Costa Rican way of life, customs and laws

Save water during your trip, good examples are: tell your hotel staff you don’t need your linens changed every day, take short showers, and turn off the water when brushing your teeth.

Save energy: turn off all lights and appliances, and turn down the heat or A/C, when leaving your room.

When taking a tour or performing activities within protected areas, follow all the recommendations made by your tour guide and/or the area’s personnel. These are meant to protect you and the environment.

Whenever possible, buy local products. This contributes to the communities you visit.

Please avoid purchasing any items made of animal parts such as shells, feathers, bones and endangered woods.

Use environmentally friendly products, those whose contents or recipients are biodegradable, reusable or at least recyclable and preferably without excessive packaging.

Please do not feed wild animals. This food may harm the animals, turn them dependent on non-natural food sources, and in time upset their natural role within the ecosystem.

In case you need to dispose of any item, look for the appropriate container, or ask your tour guide about the best way to do it.

Swiss Travel signed The Code of Conduct against commercial sexual exploitation of minors. If you see, or suspect of, any activities of this kind, or use of illegal substances, please report it to our collaborators or to the local authorities.

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