About Us

Swiss Travel is the leading company in Costa Rica, since 1972, in the operation of inbound tourism. All these years we have out stand for offering quality services with a safe, reliable and environmentally friendly operation. Since 1994 we opened offices in Guanacaste to offer visitors to this beautiful area of Costa Rica, the most personalized operation. We assemble the logistic with a team of experts including the attention of Sales Executives located in different hotels in the area, the services of our own Tour Guides, our Operations Department works carefully 24/7 the 365 days of the year, drivers and transport managers who help with maintenance and safe operation on different routes of our daily excursions. We are an expert group accompanying you throughout your journey either to discover nature, adventure and/or culture.

Contact us and enjoy a placent and safe journey in all of your excursions!


At Swiss Travel we feel very proud to service our clients with the highest standards in the market and faithfully comply with our motto “with the Accent on service”, exceeding the expectative of the client and offering the service wanted.


Swiss Travel has its goals very clearly defined; this is the way we keep our leadership, based on growth and improvement of our processes and services, applying our values and the use of sustainable practices.

Sustainability Policy

“Our solid Sustainability Management supports us to emphasize the service that we provide to continuously improve customer satisfaction, while we comply with applicable legislation and prevent negative environmental and social impacts with social responsibility, contributing to the communities where we operate; thus achieving the economic success of our company.”.

Memberships and Certifications