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WFCR (Work From Costa Rica)

The pandemic has changed the world for good, including the ways to do business and our social behaviors.

After the most challenging year in the travel business, we all start seeing a light at the end of the tunnel, and this light brings new opportunities and new ways of making business, sending millions to work from home in the last twelve months, creating a new scheme of how work is done.

You know your client, and can tell who is ready to Go Nomad! and we are ready to arrange the best possibilities for working from paradise, Costa Rica.

Digital Nomads are here to stay, and Costa Rica is by far a great destination for them. Just picture what three months – or even more – working from paradise looks like: rainforest, isolated beaches in the Pacific and the Caribbean, volcanos, meeting new friends, and even learning a new language.

It is not only the natural beauty of Costa Rica calling but the necessary elements to make sure a nomad has a safe and efficient experience: high-speed internet, quality health services available all over the country, services such as supermarkets, beauty parlors, pharmacies, etc. are widely available.

Let us work together and propose your client a lifetime experience by going nomad in Costa Rica.

Rolando Campos