Swiss Travel has a series of environmental and social projects so that our visitors leave a positive mark in Costa Rica:

  • Compensate the emissions of your flights with Neutral flight.
  • Compensate your water footprint, making your trip Zero Water Consumption.
  • Plant a tree and contribute to the recovery of ecosystems with Huella del Futuro.
  • Aid children from different communities in Costa Rica, through Pack for a Purpose.
  • Create natural routes in the urban community of Costa Rica with Naturbanas Routes.
  • Support Medical Missions in Indigenous communities.
  • Beautification of Parks in local Communities for the recreation of its inhabitants.
  • Interventions in Communities to protect children from sexual and commercial exploitation of minors, through education programs.

Learn about these projects in this link.

For more information, contact your Account Executive or the Swiss Travel sustainability department, at [email protected]

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