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Traveling sustainably

Our country has become a worldwide pioneer in electric vehicles (EVs) routes for tourism.

An extensive network of recharge stations covers most of the routes to our main attractions, and electric cars charge with electricity coming from 99% of clean energies, such as sun, wind and hydroelectrical power.

Puerto Viejo, in the South Caribbean is a traveler’s favorite, as a destination full of nature and our vibrant Afro Costa Rican culture, is easily accessible by EVs.

Arenal, Dominical, Manuel Antonio, Monteverde, Nosara, and many more areas can be visited sustainably with an EV.

The plan for these electric routes is while visitors travel between destinations, they can make recharging stops, and while the car is charging, different activities are available, such as sightseeing, hiking, ziplining, or just enjoy traditional meals or a cup of the world’s best coffee, surrounded by nature.

EV routes are a win-win: costs are considerably reduced compared to using combustion vehicles, and travelers can enjoy our country sustainably, contributing to reduce gas emissions.

Contact your account manager to learn more on how we can create a perfect sustainable itinerary!

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