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Swiss Travel expands its commitment in the protection of Costa Rican youth

Swiss Travel becomes the first tourism company in Costa Rica to be part of e-Mentores, a program created by Costa Rican government to protect minors from online threats.
For over 18 years, we have been part of the Code of Conduct program, an international initiative created as a mechanism to battle sexual exploitation in the travel and tourism industry, also backed by Costa Rican authorities and organizations. By adhering to e-Mentores program, we can further expand our reach, by online educational programs and voluntary work for children, teenagers and their families countrywide. In the online platform , staff, families and public in general can find useful information and learn about online safety, tools, positive internet use, and much more. With this tool, Swiss Travel’s staff will be part of training and education programs to prevent and give response to online threats such as sexual exploitation.  

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