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Rural Tourism: a life changing experience

Costa Rica has been a bridge since its emerging from the ocean millions of years ago.

As a bridge uniting the Americas, it has become a melting pot of biodiversity and cultures, from times long before the colony until today, creating a mix giving us Costa Ricans our uniqueness, the Pura Vida lifestyle.

A form to experience this way of life is through rural tourism, where you can exchange everyday life with locals in a remote rural areas in different zones of the country, and learn about our local culture, customs, and foods.

You can live for a few days with local farmer families, collecting fruits, tending farm animals, learning to cook typical foods, and much more, all in harmony with nature. Each zone of our country has its own magic.

These experiences take visitors outside the tourist hot spots and benefit small family-run companies and their communities.

Each Rural Tourism experience will be unique and personalized, and completely immersive, creating life-long bonds of friendship and memories.

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