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Relaxation, peaceful and wellness

Costa Rica sits in the heart of one of the most active volcanic regions on earth; the Rim of Fire

The hot springs are the result of rainwater heated by magma in the Earth’s interior. Once heated, the waters rise to the surface, taking with them minerals found in the earth’s rocky crust; this way, waters become very beneficial to your body because of their temperature that helps to relax muscles, clean pores, and rejuvenate the skin.

Costa Rica has beautiful coasts and hidden beaches; some are white sand, others pink sand, and others dark volcanic sand. Some are palm-fringed, some on secluded bays, others wide and expansive.

There is nothing like the feeling of sunbathing on the bow of a sailboat or catamaran that’s quietly making way over the Pacific Ocean with a couple of beers, friends, chilling music, the ocean breeze, and sounds of the waves.

No words can describe the beauty and tranquillity of watching the sunset on the horizon. This moment makes you want to freeze the time and live a whole life in it.

Costa Rica is naturally nourishing to body, mind, and spirit and can easily combine the beauty of nature with a spa or wellness experience.

Many of Costa Rica’s small lodges offer massage therapy and other spa treatments, and several hideaways combine spa treatments with wellness activities such as yoga, meditation, and healing arts.

The secluded natural settings of these properties, many of which are located in the heart of the rainforest, are conducive to uniquely relaxing and restorative experiences.

During any Costa Rican spa experience or wellness retreat, nature will be nearby, since practitioners use natural local ingredients such as tropical fruits, herbs, mineral water and mud in their body treatments.