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FIT – Individual Trips

Outstanding in its biodiversity, mighty volcanoes and secluded beaches make a Costa Rica vacation the perfect destination.

At Swiss Travel, we have more than four decades of experience in designing custom-made vacations. Our specialists can help to plan any dream trip, focusing on your client’s specific likes, interests, and travel style.

There are a lot of ways to spend your vacation time in Costa Rica. For the kids who love learning about the rainforest to the ones who will happily spend days splashing in the Pacific or Caribbean Coast.

Couples in love, looking for an unforgettable trip with adventure, nature, or relaxation. Solo Travelers who require the most accurate information on the routes you should follow and the safest destinations.

In Costa Rica, Luxury Travel is more than private picnics on a remote island or charter flights above rainforests, lakes, or coasts. Our experts will help you to design a customized trip with the most iconic places, top-quality services, and deep immersion with the local culture based on peace and sustainability practices.

Go on your way and explore the best for road-tripping. Many travelers plow the snaking stretches of the Costa Rican roads that run from Jungles, bananas, or pineapple plantations to the plains, valleys, and coasts.

Detailed manifests or programs published in catalogues, our professionals understand the importance of providing a prompt response and thus fulfill the dream of a traveler who is enthusiastic about visiting Costa Rica.