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Dry Season In Costa Rica

Olas Verdes Nosara _4_

Costa Rica’s high season is around the corner! Clear skies, starry nights, and amazing warm weather are great reasons to visit our country during the northern hemisphere’s winter.

As a world-renowned hotspot, planning can help to make the most out of visiting Costa Rica during this season.

While our country is also in the northern hemisphere, between December and May we have our dry season (or “summer”), making it the most attractive period of the year to visit.

Guanacaste - Hermosa Beach

This time of the year wildlife such as turtles and humpback whales can be easily spotted.

We are a small nation, but with many National Parks, hundreds of miles of coastline in the Pacific and the Caribbean, hotel options, activities, and much more, choosing can be challenging.

Based on visitors’ tastes, our travel experts can create programs with the best options, so clients can just enjoy all of our attractions.

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