Diamante Full Adventure Pass

Zip Lining, Animal Sanctuary, Cultural Experience, Aquatic Activities & Lunch

A Diamante fun-filled day includes a fantastic zip line course with the longest ride times and features a nearly mile-long ocean view line, called “The Howler”. It also provides unlimited access to Diamante’s Animal Sanctuary which is recognized as one of the most beautiful Wildlife Education Centers in Costa Rica.

The Botanical Garden, filled with fruit trees, flowers, and plants is the location of the “Traditional House” a replica of a typical farmhouse common in the area 100 years ago. Diamante offers a unique “hands-on” cultural experience with coffee, chocolate, and sugar cane.

Hammock Beach is the ideal spot to continue with the Adventure Pass and enjoy exclusive access to the beach for added activities such as stand-up paddleboarding, snorkeling, and kayaking or sit back and relax in hanging chairs and hammocks.