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Culture and experiences with purpose

Costa Rica is a great destination to experience the culture and traditions of the local communities with the economic development and the environment.

Coffee, Cocoa, Pineapple, and other plantations offer an educational walk to learn all the complete processes of each crop, from the seeds that germinate in the nurseries, the planting and harvesting, and finally, the selection of the products.

Visitors from all over the world are often surprised to discover the richness and creativity of Costa Rican gastronomy beyond the traditional gallo pinto.

The Costa Rica Cuisine sets itself apart by its unique and exclusive flavor that marks each of its dishes, with a mélange of flavors and variety of ingredients; local vegetables, tubers, fruits, seafood, and game combined with cooking styles from many different locations, sparking new ways to cook these exotic items.

Costa Rica is a multi-ethnic country that recognizes the great legacy of its eight ethnic groups that live 22 indigenous territories since more than 12 thousand years ago.

The culture of these indigenous tribes is not widely known. However, some tribes are very open to sharing a piece of their legacy, their ancient traditions, and their present way of life.

Costa Rica has placed great efforts to promote its conservation policy. However, the interaction between human activities and the ecosystems means that wildlife will be affected in different ways; by road accidents, illegal trade, and even hunting.

There are not-for-profit organizations that rescue animals that have suffered some problem and provides haven and rehabilitation to return them to their natural habitat. Those that are no longer suitable to survive in their natural habitats are cared for and helps to educate visitors about the importance of preserve the ecosystems.