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Cultural Tourism in Costa Rica

Cultural Tourism in Costa Rica is rich as we are a multicultural country, where over ten languages are spoken, including indigenous languages and others brought by immigrants over our history who have settled in our country for centuries and have added much to our already diverse culture.

Visitors can experience Cultural Tourism in Costa Rica by visiting our many museums, theaters, festivals, and local communities.

Traditional cuisine combines the knowledge of our aboriginals with local ingredients and other tastes from around the world, creating unique dishes for everyone to enjoy. Each province has its flavor, using locally grown produce.

One of the most popular meals is gallo pinto, a mix of rice, beans, and spices that is the base of many local’s breakfast or lunch.

Casado is another popular dish found in any local restaurant or “soda”, it includes rice, beans, salad, a vegetable, and meat (fish, beef, chicken, or pork, usually).

Typical crafts include the hand-painted ox-cart, with a colorful mix of patterns, a unique element of Costa Rican culture.

The South Pacific area is home to the mysterious stone spheres made hundreds of years ago by local Aboriginals. How the indigenous made the spheres with such perfection is still practically unknown.

Costa Rica has over 70 years without an army, a fact that has shaped our peace-loving culture, committed to education and nature.

With so much to do, Swiss Travel visitors can create their perfect itinerary to experience Cultural Tourism in Costa Rica.

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