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Coffee Britt Tour

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Daily Tour


3 hours


Around the world there are millions of people who really love coffee and spend memorable times drinking it at their homes, in their offices and when traveling. The true coffee lovers are not just interested in the final product; they are passionate about the entire production process and want to know how the coffee beans made their way from farm to cup.

Café Britt has been recognized as Costa Rica’s premier gourmet coffee, choosing the highest quality coffee beans and match them with expert roasters and other skilled local workers who then perfectly roast them in exclusive blends.

This excursion will share with you a glimpse into the lives and fascinating stories of those that provide you the drink you love. Farmers, pickers, cuppers, and roasters are all essential to a great cup of coffee.

Days of Operation

Monday to Sunday.


Comfortable clothing with short pants, hiking shoes, jacket, sunscreen, insects repellent, aluminum water bottle and camera

Children PoliCy

Infants from 0-5 years are Free of Charge. CHD rate apply from 6 to 11
years old sharing the service with 2 adults.

Important Remarks

This tour requires a minimum of 2 passengers to operate and maximum of 36 passengers. Maximum passengers per guide: 18 participants.


Price per adult: $47
Child: $20

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