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Surfing is a popular water activity, where wave riders stand up on a surfboard, which glides across the water ́s surface until the wave breaks upon the shore and loses its energy.Costa Rica is one of the top surfing destinations in the world to learn surfing. With an average water temperature of 84 degrees and consistent waves throughout the year, Guanacaste has excellent surf breaks for first-timers.

Surfing is a sport with multiple interpretations, some people consider it just a recreational activity, physical activity, and a competitive sport, but for others, it is almost a religion, a lifestyle, an addiction, and a spiritual connection with Nature.

A professional instructor will introduce you to the surfing fundamentals, etiquette, safety, wave dynamics, paddling skills, surfboard positioning, maneuvering, proper stand-up, and riding techniques.After some minutes of practice, you will stand up on the surfboard and enjoy the thrilling sensation of surfing over the waves.

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  • Bilingual Instructor
  • Surf Equipment
  • Transportation

What to bring

  • Quick – Dry Swimsuit, slip-resistant sandals, towel and change of clothes, adventure sunglasses with UV protection & eco-friendly water resistance Sunscreen. Remarks: Kids must be accompanied by an adult. Please bring money for incidentals and copy of passport
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