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Adventure is synonymous with happiness, fun, and excitement everywhere. Costa Rica features from unspoiled outdoor activities in outstanding landscapes for more enthusiast explorers to thrilling expeditions for the most rugged in extreme adventure parks.

One of the most popular is the zip-lines tour, which uses a system of platforms and cables to take travelers into the treetops with different lengths, heights, and speeds, designed to provide visitors greater contact with nature while releasing adrenaline in a healthy and safe way.

Zip-Lines are available in almost any destination in Costa Rica. Some of them are suitable even for children but others are recommended only for courageous people, with Tarzan Swing jumps or cannoning descents.

Horseback riding is one of the most enjoyable activities. It is a great way to see the beautiful countryside at a slower pace, with the possibility of being outdoors and connecting to nature, giving you a real sense of freedom.

The water activities in Costa Rica are world-renowned for their variety of wild rivers, stunning lakes, and both oceans: Pacific and Caribbean, where warm waters offer the perfect conditions to venture to the most astonishing places of the country.

Tubbing and rafting offer many splashes through the white waters rapids, while Stand Up Paddle Board and Kayak will allow you to paddle at your own pace while you feel the fresh breezes in your body.

Surfing in Costa Rica is a sport with multiple interpretations, for many people, it is just a recreational activity, physical activity, and a competitive sport, but for others, it is almost a religion, a lifestyle, an addiction, and a spiritual connection with Nature.

Costa Rica’s Pacific coast provides fertile fishing grounds, which turns into a year-round, full of action for approximately 15 varieties of sport fish for catch-and-release excursions.

Diving is one of the aquatic tourist activities that has developed with greater interest in the Pacific waters of Costa Rica, thanks to its excellent tropical location, which allows underwater explorers to enjoy average visibility of between 8 to 16 meters deep.